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USFreightways Corp.

I'd like to express my appreciation of the outstanding job done by Stacey Foo in Asia the past two weeks.


Stacey remained patient and in control under less than optimum conditions at times. While in Shanghai she did an exceptional job of training 12-15 people, mostly on her own. As we have discussed previously, the successful implementation of the FF application in Asia is critical to both US Freightways and CIEL/DCS. Stacey’s efforts this week in particular went a long way towards insuring its success.


She is to be commended for her knowledge in the system and the Freight Forwarding Industry. She was very flexible and worked after hours on her own time to prepare documentation to assist in the training.


Stacey was able to overcome the language barrier which we felt would impact the success of this training. By the users' own judgement they feel they are nearly 90% ready to go live after one week of training…. that is no small accomplishment.


Thank you to you and your staff for putting the very best resources possible on this project. On behalf of USFreightways and USF Asia Group, I thank you.


Nicki Doyle, Director - Business Systems


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